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Website Translation & German SEO

Your website is your online showcase.

Your website does not just need to look professional, it needs to read professionally too.

I can provide you with a professional German translation of your English, French, or Dutch website copy. In doing so, I also ensure that the translation is optimized for Google search, appropriately integrating keywords your German customers use to find companies like yours.

Website Translation and Localization

Building a new version of your website in another language and for another market involves more than just translating the website content. The website has to be adapted to appeal to the readers in the targeted market. Think for example about date formats, currencies, units of measurement, but maybe also visual and navigational elements. This process is called localization.

My translation and localization process for websites generally involves 4-6 steps:

  1. Consultation: At first, I get an overview of the website and we discuss your needs and expectations. Then we develop a customized translation and localization process that is tailored to your needs.
  2. Quote: Based on the information you gave me during the consultation, I prepare a no-obligation quote for the translation of your website that details the required steps and services.
  3. German SEO analysis (optional): In case you already have a list with your German SEO keywords ready, I can use this as a basis for my translation. If not, an SEO analysis prior to the translation process will make sure that your German readers can find your website.
  4. Translation & Delivery: This step is the actual translation process. First, I will translate your texts into German and perform my internal QA checks on it (“translation QA”). Then, a second native speaker will proofread the translation to catch anything I might have missed. Of course, you will get your files back in the same file format that you sent to me.
  5. QA: This step includes proofreading and a final check of the content on the website, before or after it goes online (website QA).
  6. Follow-up actions (optional): Do you need help handling client requests in German? We will discuss your options and find the right solution for you.
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 What kinds of texts I work with:


Articles and blog posts

App interfaces


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How long does a website translation take? And how much does it cost?

As with any translation, this depends very much on the amount of work involved. The translation of a straight-forward one-page site with only a small amount of text won’t take as long as a multi-page site with all kinds of content. Of course, this also influences the price for the project. Contact me for a free, no-obligation quote for your website.

Do you translate all kinds of websites?

I mainly focus on WordPress websites as this is the area I know best. In principle, I can translate the content of any HTML or PHP file. But if you are using a different CMS like Joomla or Drupal and are unsure how to set up a multilingual website, you might want to check with your website developer. They should be able to help you with the technical side of things.

Can I just send you the link to the website I want you to translate?

A link to the website is useful for a first impression and helps put the text to be translated in its context. But for a cost estimate, a quote, or the actual translation, it is much better to use the original web page files (HTML, PHP, CSS, etc.) as the starting point, or to use a dedicated WordPress plugin like WPML to export the website content. This ensures that I translate all the text you want me to (including the metadata) and reduces the manual work (aka error-prone copy-paste) to a minimum for all parties involved. Ideally, you would send me the complete folder of the website or webpage you want translated, including scripts, images, etc. That way, I can check if the translated page will look and work as it should.

What kind of files do you need for the translation?

Ideally, you would send me a complete folder with the local copy of your website with HTML files, images, styles, scripts, etc. (If you are not sure how to create a local copy of your site, contact your website administrator). This way, I can check if the translated website looks and works as it should.

If this is not possible for whatever reason, you can also just send me the source files for the webpages (e.g. the HTML files). If you have a WordPress website, you can install a plugin like WPML and export the content to be translated into an XLIFF file, a special file type for localization. You can also send me text files with your content and import the translated text onto the website yourself.

Of course, you can always contact me if you need help with this process or want more information on this topic.

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