German Language Services

Translation & Transcreation

Expanding into the German market?

You need a high-quality German translation you can trust. I do precise technical translations as well as transcreations, which are creative translations tailored to your target clients.

SEO & Website Translation

Need help launching a German version of your website?

If you’re overwhelmed by all the necessary tasks, I can help. I will gladly support and assist you in creating a German website for your business, including optimizing it for German-language Google searches. I can advise you on multilingual website solutions, and also write or translate your German texts.

Copyediting & Proofreading

Every writer needs a trusted editor and proofreader. As a native German speaker and a language professional, I offer both editing and proofreading services for German-language texts.

Make sure your texts are as flawless as your services.

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My Areas of Specialization

Technical Texts

I translate technical documents—like user manuals, websites, and product descriptions—precisely and accurately. I have extensive experience with translations for consumer electronics and smart home appliances.


I also translate for the tourism and travel industries. This covers everything from hotel descriptions for booking sites to compelling articles for travel blogs.


I’m passionate about sports and the outdoors. I translate a wide variety of genres for these industries, from the newsletters of sportswear manufacturers, to fitness videos scripts, and website texts for online shops.

About Me

Hello, I’m Julia.

I’m a German freelance translator with an MA in Translation Studies. Based in Ghent, Belgium, I translate from English, French, and Dutch into German. My specializations are technical translations as well as translations for the tourism and sports industries.

I help you by providing a professional German translation of your texts, and by finding the right voice to connect you with German clients in their language. In short: With me as your trusted partner for German translations, you can focus on your core business.

I make your message resonate
with your German clients-to-be!

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Please note that I'm currently on maternity leave.

If you are looking for a translator, I recommend searching the directory of the Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters.

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